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Vision Sciences Laboratory
Department of Psychology
Harvard University
33 Kirkland Street #702
Cambridge, MA 02138

Office: (617) 495-3884
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E-mail to ychen@wjh.harvard.edu

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Yue Chen is a Research Associate at Vision Sciences Lab. His main research interests include motion perception in schizophrenia, velocity encoding in normal and abnormal human visual systems. He received Ph.D in Physiological Optics/Vision Sciences from University of Houston (1995), M.S. in Optics (1988) and B.E. in Optical Engineering (1982) from Shanghai Institute of Technology (China).


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Y Chen, R MePeek, J Intriligator, PS Holzman & K Nakayama Smooth pursuit to a movement flow and associated perceptual judgments In: W BeckerH Deubel and T Mergner (Eds.), Current Oculomotor Research: Physiological and Psychological Aspects. Plenum Publishing Corp. New York, 1998 (in press)

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Y Chen, S Tripathy & HE Bedell (1995) Temporal characteristics of motion aftereffect differ in the fovea and periphery. In: Vision Science and Its Application Technical Digest Series Vol 3 Optical Society of America, Washington DC 1995, pp178-182.

Y Chen & SD Lin (1989) Holographic correlation filters for mass data calculation.Sino-Laser Vol. 16. pp. 473-475

Y Chen & SD Lin (1988) Rotation-invariant recognition with circular-harmonic-component filter:Review. Optical Instrumentation Vol. 55 pp. 125-133.


S Tripathy, J Kew, Y Chen, & HE Bedell. Comparison of motion fading and motion aftereffect with changes of stimulus parameters. (Submitted)

Y Chen, DL Levy, K Nakayama, S Matthysse & PS Holzman. The functional relationship between impaired eye tracking and deficient velocity discrimination in schizophrenia. (submitted)

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